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Embola Pedra - Sociativa 2019

New video from Sociedade Recreativa

The track blends traditional samba de coco from Brazil with urban cultures like hiphop, dub and bass music. It dives us inside an Afro-indigenous ritual enhanced by analog and digital effects.

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Tudo Bem #13

tudo bem #14

Brazillian's best electro music party with phonotropic movie projections.

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Audioscope Palimpseste

audioscope palimpseste collection at aventure ordinaire #4

Audioscope Palimpseste's collection will be presented at Aventure Ordinaire #4 Festival in the 20th october at L'Autre Soie building, Villeurbanne.

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oyo miami

Inspired by ancient animated film techniques and the street art culture, the brazilian Oyo Miami produces low-tech animation films and high-tech connected objects for contextuals and site specific projects, collaborating at the same time with street art and theatre artists as well musicians and performers.

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